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Product Image Wedge Cushion - Ergo Wedge Visco Foam Seat Cushion With Tailbone Cutout

Wedge Cushion - Ergo Wedge Visco Foam Seat Cushion With Tailbone Cutout

$ 95.00


Product Description:
The McCarty's Ergo Wedge (formally known as Wedge Ease) is a new product designed to give superior back support. A 3” to 1” wedge made with poly foam and comfort foam. This helps bring your hips and knees to a neutral position reducing the impact to the spinal discs. There is a removable insert in the tailbone area should you need it. The fabric is removable and washable. Complete with internal comfort memory foam, this support will provide maximum comfort while supporting your spine.

Bottom Line:
The Ergo Wedge can give an old seat new life by adding a supportive, ergonomic wedge to realign your body. Those who need extra support every day at work such as taxi drivers, bus drivers, pilots, and truck drivers have used Sacro Ease products for years. The Wedge Ease can reduce muscle tension and stress related to sitting in unsupportive chairs and seats!

McCarty's Sacro Ease Ergo Wedge Seat Cushion:

  • Has proven to be excellent for autos, airplanes, bus seats, chairs and sofas
  • Made with Poly foam Tempurpedic® memory foam for maximum comfort.
  • Wedge shape levels out seat bringing you to a neutral position
  • Removable insert for tailbone area
  • Dimensions: 16" Length x 15" Depth
  • Made with washable, soft-to-the-touch fabric

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