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Product Image Back Jack Floor Chair (Folding BackJack Chairs)

Back Jack Floor Chair (Folding BackJack Chairs)

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Back Jack Chairs

Folding Model BackJack Chairs
Portable Floor Chairs

Portable Back Jack Cushioned Floor Seat - FOLDING MODEL - Available In Standard(Regular) Size Only

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE FOLDING & ORIGINAL BACK JACK MODEL? - The Folding and Original BackJack models sit and feel the same - The Folding model is available in one size only (regular/standard). The Original BackJack Chair Model is available in regular/standard and an XL size which the majority of adults prefer - The Folding BackJack Chair Model folds flat with spring loaded tension - The Original model does not fold flat but its stackable design allows for easy storage.

Large carry tote is now available to easily travel with your folding BackJack floor chairs. These tote bags will hold two folding BackJack.

BackJack floor chairs are also available in a "Tuff Duck" 100% polyester that is more stain resistant and should be spot cleaned. Please note that 100% Cotton Duck is softer in feel and is preferred by most users and should also be spot cleaned.

Click Here For ORIGINAL BackJack Chairs Models Available In Regular/Standard Size & XL Size!

Back Jack Portable Floor Chair - Meditation Chair, Lamaze Chair, TV Chair, Camp Chair

Folds for Easy Storage
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The BackJack seat is a sturdy "go anywhere" floor chair. BackJack Floor Chairs are constructed with a removable heavy cotton duck outer cover stretched over a sturdy steel inner frame. The seat is filled with dense foam for comfort. Back Jacks Folding Model chairs fold for convenient storage when not in use.


BackJack Floor Chairs - Back Jack Size Comparisons
Folded Dimensions: 21.5" x 14.5" x 3.5"

BackJack Floor Chairs - Back Jack Portable Folding Chairs For Comfort & Convenience

The Back Jack has become an all purpose chair. Popular in Lamaze classes, Meditation halls, camping and in front of the TV.

The Regular Back Jack back rest is 14" wide x 21" tall.

Back Jacks require simple assembly (connect the two steel frame pieces and and slide the cover over the frame). Having trouble getting your cover on? Check out this video!

BackJack Floor Chairs - Back Jack Portable Folding Chairs For Comfort & Convenience Available In Color and Size Options

Please Note: Colors are approximate only


Back Jack Floor Chairs - FOLDING MODEL

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BackJack Chair Volume Discounts -- Phone toll free 1 740 413 0909 for more information & pricing on volume BackJack orders.