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Product Image For Use with Rechargeable Pump Beds

AeroBed Air Release Valve - Aero Bed Replacement Valve for Rechargeable Pump Beds

$ 12.99


AeroBed Air Release Valve - Aero Bed Replacement Valve for Standard Pump Beds

Aero Inflatable Mattress Replacement Valve -- Haven't been able to use your AeroBed because your Aero Bed Air Release Valve Cover is broken?

If your Aero Bed valve is damaged (e.g., the tab has broken off) order an Aero Bed Replacement Release Valve today.

Please Note: There are two types of Aero Bed valves. One for standard pump beds and another for rechargeable pump beds. If you use the valve to only release air out of your AeroBed then you need the AeroBed Air Release Valve for standard pump beds. If you attach a pump to your valve to inflate the bed and release air then you need the AeroBed Air Release Valve for rechargeable pump beds.

Aero Bed Valve Replacement Instructions: Open the old valve and lift the black plastic on the outer edge of the valve toward the center. The AeroBed valve will then be simple to lift off. Now you are ready to install the replacement Aero valve. First open the replacement valve (push tabs only in direction indicated by arrow). Once open, seat the valve hinge area on to the hinge support, then squeeze the vinyl towards the center of the aero mattress opening. Simply feed the vinyl through the opening of the new Aero valve. Once this has been accomplished make sure there are no bulges in vinyl. Use your thumb to make sure it is smooth. Next, lock your replacement shut and you are back in business.


Not sure how to install your new Aero valve? Check out this instructional video below, courtesy of our customer Zadrian. 



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