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21 Jan

A New Adventure

Posted by Doug Edwards

ComfortStoreDirect.com provides the next very exciting chapter of life for myself and my family. The owner of my previous employer, The Comfort Store (sitincomfort.com), has decided to retire and I have decided to continue the business on a smaller scale with my favorite products from over 12 years of employment with The Comfort Store. Along with this new venture of mine, now that our youngest is 4 years old and starting kindergarten soon, my wife has decided to pursue her dream to be a labor and delivery nurse and is in her second semester of full time classes to make this dream a reality. My job is now the owner of my own business and the full time care taker of our 4 kids so that my wife can solely concentrate on her college work for the next 3 years.

I thank you for visiting my site and supporting this venture and my family!